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79:58 minutes
full of extraordinary
Ensemble & Organ Music from 17th century Austria,
in highest quality,
recordet at the „Wöckherl-Orgel“ from 1642, in the Franziscan Church, Vienna

A. Poglietti: Toccata fatta sopra l‘assedio di Filippsburgo
A. Poglietti: Sonata á 2 in D Minor
A. Poglietti: Canzone from the „Rossignolo-Suite“
Anonymous: Sonata á 2 in D Major (first recording)
J.J. Froberger: Toccata in a – FbWV 112
J.H. Schmelzer: Sonata á 2 in A Minor
A. Poglietti: Ricercar Primi Toni
A. Bertali: Sonata á 2 in D Minor
A. Poglietti: Toccata from the „Rossignolo-Suite“
A. Poglietti: Sonata á 2 in D Major
J.J. Froberger: Capriccio – FbWV 508
H.I.F. Biber: Partia IV from Harmonia Artificioso-Ariosa
– Sonata. Adagio-Allegro-Adagio
– Allamande
– Trezza. Presto
– Aria
– Canario
– Gigue. Presto
– Policinello. Presto
J.J. Froberger: Toccata in C – FbWV 109

40 pages Booklet with German and English text enclosed.
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